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Makeover Monday

Join us in the weekly #MakeoverMonday series. Each week we post a link to a chart, and its data, and then you rework the chart. Maybe you retell the story more effectively, or find a new story in the data. We’re curious to see the different approaches you all take. Whether it’s a simple bar chart or an elaborate infographic, we encourage everyone of all skills to partake. Together we can have broader conversations about and with data.
Each week's topic will be posted on this page on Sunday. I will include the link to the original article (for context) and to the data set.
We welcome one and all to participate, but be mindful of a few things:
  1. This is not about criticizing the original authors. They are people like you and me and they have feelings. Focus on the data, the charts and the story.
  2. Use the hashtag #MakeoverMonday on Twitter if you create your own version and would like to share it. Include a picture on Twitter if you want to be included on the Pinterest page.
  3. Focus on what works, what doesn't work, why those things don't work, and how you made it better.
  4. Consider time-boxing yourself to one hour. Just make something quick. 
  5. The purpose of the makeover is to improve on the original visualisation. Ideally, you should stick to the fields used in the original data set and improve upon it. 
  6. Give credit to the original data source whenever possible

Andy will be posting his makeovers on his blog and I will be posting mine on this blog. You can find the collection of all of our posts on this page, pictures of our makeovers on Google Photos, and all of the submission from the Community on Pinterest.

The data has moved to our new website. Click here.