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August 17, 2022

Analyzing Seasonality with Cycle Plots

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Cycle plots are exceptionally useful for analyzing seasonality in time series data. In this video, I walk you through two examples that show the limitations of traditional time series analysis and two examples of how cycle plots overcome these problems. 

Inspired by: Jon Schwabish
Download the workbook here.

August 11, 2022

10 Methods for Displaying Variance with Bar Charts

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Using variance as a measure in bar charts helps you:

  1. Add context - You can answer the question “compared to what?”
  2. Make decisions - You can answer the question "what should we do next?"
  3. Alert you to areas that need focus

In this video, I show you 10 ways to add variance to bar charts. Get the workbook here.

August 4, 2022

ATTR - The Most Confusing Aggregation in Tableau

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Aggregations can be difficult to understand. In Tableau, I find the ATTR (attribute) aggregation the hardest to get my head around. 

In this video, I teach you: 
  1. What an attribute is
  2. Why the attribute aggregation exists 
  3. Examples that show how it works 
  4. The difference between ATTR and other aggregations like MIN & MAX 
  5. How Tableau write the ATTR aggregation as a formula 
  6. How to ensure you're not misleading your audience
  7. How to work around the pesky *

August 1, 2022

Why I started using Tableau

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I started using Tableau in 2007. I've learned a lot since then. In this video, I go back to the beginning and tell you how I got started. My journey won't be dissimilar to many of you. Plus, I provide some simple steps to learn faster.