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August 29, 2022

#MakeoverMonday 2022 Week 35 - The World's Biggest Military Spenders

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Makeover Monday is back! Every Monday I'll be running a #WatchMeViz and every Wednesday, Eva will be running #VizReview. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for reminders of the latest events.

This week was a makeover of a visualization by Visual Capitalist about the top 10 military spenders. During Watch Me Viz, I iterated through 15 different charts before settling on a bump chart. If you want to learn about sets, parameters, table calculations, containers and more, watch the video below.

Below the video you can see my viz, or click here. Enjoy! If you need clarifications on anything, please comment on the video here.

August 26, 2022

Workout Wednesday - New York City Tableau User Group Recap

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Talk about pressure! I was given a 30 minute slot to see how many Workout Wednesday's I could complete. I was pretty confident I could finish 4, given I had already pre-selected the challenges I thought were easiest. 

But...those pesky tooltips!

And the heckler in the audience (ahem Ann Jackson).

So how'd I do? I got the WOW2020 Week 32 100% complete, week 28 about 95% complete (the tooltips), and week 21 about 95% complete. It love trying to solve problems and build vizzes live.

If you missed it, here's the recording from the TUG. My part starts at 38:55. Farther down, you'll find each of the workouts in their completed state.

August 23, 2022

How to Create a Two-Level Drill Down in Tableau

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There are tons of ways to create a single level drill down, but if you’re having issues creating a second drill down, this video is a guaranteed way to help you fix this problem.

Additional video - Single Level Drill Down 

August 17, 2022

Analyzing Seasonality with Cycle Plots

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Cycle plots are exceptionally useful for analyzing seasonality in time series data. In this video, I walk you through two examples that show the limitations of traditional time series analysis and two examples of how cycle plots overcome these problems. 

Inspired by: Jon Schwabish
Download the workbook here.

August 11, 2022

10 Methods for Displaying Variance with Bar Charts

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Using variance as a measure in bar charts helps you:

  1. Add context - You can answer the question “compared to what?”
  2. Make decisions - You can answer the question "what should we do next?"
  3. Alert you to areas that need focus

In this video, I show you 10 ways to add variance to bar charts. Get the workbook here.

August 4, 2022

ATTR - The Most Confusing Aggregation in Tableau

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Aggregations can be difficult to understand. In Tableau, I find the ATTR (attribute) aggregation the hardest to get my head around. 

In this video, I teach you: 
  1. What an attribute is
  2. Why the attribute aggregation exists 
  3. Examples that show how it works 
  4. The difference between ATTR and other aggregations like MIN & MAX 
  5. How Tableau write the ATTR aggregation as a formula 
  6. How to ensure you're not misleading your audience
  7. How to work around the pesky *

August 1, 2022

Why I started using Tableau

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I started using Tableau in 2007. I've learned a lot since then. In this video, I go back to the beginning and tell you how I got started. My journey won't be dissimilar to many of you. Plus, I provide some simple steps to learn faster.