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April 16, 2010

Do you share the images you take online?

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One of my favorite photography blogs is Digital Photography School. Just today they published the results of one of their polls.

So I'm thinking, okay, this is a photography website, surely they can present the data in an effective manner, but NOOOOOO. They succumbed to the dreaded pie chart.

Question 1: Do you share you images online? Yes or No?

Their results:

The simple, more effective way:

Question 2: Expanding on question 1, but how often do you share pictures online?

Their results:

I challenge you: what ranks #1? Took you a while huh?

Not only is a pie chart purely a bad choice, but their presentation doesn't even put the data in any sort of logical order. And, the color choices are terrible.

My take:

I challenge you again: what ranks #1? Took you about 1 second, right?

I'm so, so disappointed that even one of the most popular photography blogs can't get it right. What is this world coming to?

April 9, 2010

The Earth is a Giant Pie

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Check this out:

It's frightening that someone would publish a sphere-like pie chart; this was a new approach to me and possibly the worst yet. Come on, at least put the data in order. The KISS method is so much better:

A simple bar chart based on the data table would look like:

What are the top 5 categories? Takes you a while to figure it out, doesn't it? The most effective way to display this data to communicate the message is:

Why overcomplicate things when simple is clearly the best approach?