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December 4, 2012

Did you miss the Facebook session at TCC12? Watch it here.


Namit Raisurana delivered an incredible presentation at TCC12 in San Diego.  I may be biased as a Facebook employee, however, his session was, without a shadow of a doubt, THE BEST customer presentation I’ve seen in the three conferences I’ve attended. 

Watch the full presentation below.  Enjoy!

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  1. Andy thank you so much. I requested funding at work to go, even submitted the justification pack and was disappointed I wouldn't be able to see the FB lecture.

  2. Andy, will you be giving access to the TCC12 conference session resources/materials through your site similar to last year? It would be great if you could do so again this year for those who could not attend.

  3. I will absolutely post the materials.

  4. This session was tops on my list and I was bummed that I got shut out. True sign of being a Viz nerd: looking forward to watching this over the weekend!

  5. Andy thank you for posting this as I was unable to get a seat for this.

    One question I have (not sure if you can answer) but here goes. For the architecture part Namit outlined how FB is using a certified and non-certified version of Tableau. What did he mean but non-certified? And can you share how the architecture is built, or rather the Standard Operating Procedure is set, to move workbooks/viz's between NC and Certified (Production) environments?

    Thanks for any additional insight!

  6. Basically the Certified environment is a place where "approved" dashboards are promoted to. They have to pass certain technical and visualization standards to get promoted. We don't promote much to certified.

    The review process is really simple. The person requesting the promotion walks over to where Namit and I sit, we review what they've done and give them a thumbs up or tell them what they need to change first. Nothing formal at all.

  7. Okay, that makes sense and just sounds like a typical dev/QA, prod environment. It was just when I heard certified/non-certified the licensing came to mind. For some reason I thought that the non-certified was an unlicensed Tableau server.

    Thanks again.