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December 1, 2010

Tableau: The perfect blend of productivity, happiness and features


Today I attended the Information Management webinar “The End of BI as We Know It: A fresh look at what business analytics means for today's organizations” and Mark Madsen from Third Nature presented a fabulous slide that I just had to share.  For any of you that use Tableau, I know you’ll agree with where Tableau sits in my mind.  (Note that I added Tableau to the chart, not Mark.  I’d hate to get him in trouble.)

Fullscreen capture 1212010 125511 PM.bmp

UPDATE (12/1): I have posted the presentation from the webinar -

UPDATE (12/2): The webinar recording is now available -


  1. Makes complete sense .. You can apply this curve to so many other products. I am thinking of Excel and Powerpoint; Users barely use 20% of the features that exist in these products.