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January 24, 2011

Getting right to the point - A simple, well-executed bar chart by Nielsen

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Nielsen released it’s quarterly consumer confidence index report today and their effort to produce a meaningful chart is much better this time.  You may recall I was critical of them earlier in the month.

This chart is clear and to the point.  Within seconds you can:

  • See that there are approximately as many countries with an increase in consumer confidence as there are with a decrease
  • Find your own country, see where it ranks and how it compares to the average

There are many well done aspects to this chart:

  • The color choices for the bars makes them easily distinguishable
  • The legend is out of the way, but easily referenced
  • The title clearly indicates what you are reading
  • The subtitle gives a super quick summary that gets right to the point
Well done Nielsen (thought you may want to remove the labels for each bar; they’re a bit distracting and make the bars look crowded).  I couldn’t go without one critique.

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  1. Maybe it is good that there are labels, there are so many countries that legend would be really big.

    I don't want to critique but I prefer when you create your own charts, maps, visualizations. I learn more just looking at your work and you have good ideas for example like Cola Wars. Of course it is your blog and your decision.