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May 11, 2011

Adding unnecessary precision to bar chart labels

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Overall, this is a good chart.  But I do have a couple of nitpicky things:

  1. Not sure I like the title.  It’s not how “you” spend your time, but the time of those surveyed.  Maybe something like “Average iPad Usage Time”.
  2. The bar labels on the blue and red bars need to be consistent.  First, they don’t have the same format (blue has two decimal places, red has none).  Second, does the level of precision matter?  Does this chart need to be so specific that people will actually care if web browsing is 37.70% vs. 38%?  I would round to the nearest whole number.
  3. The horizontal scale lines should be more transparent.  I find my eye drawn to the lines because they are so bold.

What else do you see?

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