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April 4, 2012

Let your Umpire Ejection Fantasy League preparations begin!

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If you are interested in fantasy baseball, but want a slightly different take on things, I have just the game for you.  Join the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League.  I stumbled across this league as I searched for managerial ejection data, but found this umpire-specific data much more interesting.  You can download the data here.

Living here in Atlanta for the past 15 years, I’m more than aware of the historical significance of Bobby Cox’s ejections (he’s the all-time leader…or is it last place?), but I wanted to know which umpires draw the most ire from managers today (Bobby retired after the 2010 season). 

To help you with your UEFL draft, take a tour of this interactive viz.  There are filters on the right side of each sheet to assist you with your own analysis.

The Ejections Summary gives a quick overview of:

  1. The spread of ejections across innings – not surprisingly most ejections occur towards the end of the game
  2. How umpires perform as a whole at the different segments of the game – they’re correct more often at the end of the game as well, leading directly to more ejections
  3. The top 5 reasons for ejections – arguing balls and strikes is an automatic ejections, so there’s no surprise it’s #1

The 2nd sheet, Who to Argue With & When, helps you isolate the specific time when you are most likely to benefit (or not) from an argument.  In particular, I like the bar chart on the bottom right.  This chart tells you the best umpire and time to get ejected if you want to turn the game from a losing position into a winning outcome.

The last sheet, Which Umpires Eject the Most, is a simple list of the umpires most likely to eject someone and the managers most likely to get ejected.  Click on any manager or umpire to see who they get in the most arguments with.

Good luck in your draft!

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