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April 30, 2012

Free Tableau Training Tonight – 6:30pm PT

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Tonight I will be training the LA Tableau User Group and you’re welcome to join.  I’ll be teaching them how to build this interactive viz.

We’ll cover the following techniques:

  • Effective use of colors
  • Custom shape files
  • Using parameters for dynamic visualizations
  • Effective design for effective communication including bar charts and heat maps
  • Creating simple calculated fields
  • Putting it all together in an interactive dashboard

I expect the session to last from between 60-90 minutes.

Download the shape files here and the data here.  You will need these to follow along.

Unzip the shape files to My Tableau Repository\Shapes\NBA and save the data to My Tableau Repository\Datasources.

Live Meeting Details

Attendee URL:



AT&T mobile (free): #26538


Toll free: (877) 906-9811


Local toll: (404) 381-8527


Conference code: 2561415367

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