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June 4, 2012

Career PGA Tour Wins: Removing the Ugliness from Sports Chart of the Day

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Unless you live on another planet, you’ve heard of this Tiger Woods character that is a pretty decent golfer.  Many thought Tiger had gone extinct, but he roared back into the spotlight yesterday by winning the Memorial Tournament.

The tournament will be remembered for this shot, described by no other than Jack Nicklaus as “the greatest shot” he’s ever seen.

As is typical, Sports Chart of the Day was on the spot to report the story with this horrible bar chart, which is unfortunately also typical.

It drives me absolutely crazy that again and again they make horrible, unnecessary color choices.  I suppose the green is in reference to grass, but what about the peach color?  At least they have the bars in descending order for a change.

I cleaned it up by removing the background color, improving the clarity of the font, and highlighting the active players, which you have to hunt for in their chart. 

Coloring the bars for active players really makes Tiger’s dominance over his present-day peers stand out.  Tiger has one less win than Phil and Vijay combined, yet he has played only 17 years on tour compared to their combined 38.  It’s merely a matter of time before Tiger overtakes Sam Snead, especially if he builds on the momentum from his play this weekend.

Data courtesy of Wikipedia

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