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January 8, 2013

I expect more from the CEO & Editor of Business Insider

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A colleague sent me this presentation on The Future of Mobile by Henry Blodget, the CEO & Editor of Business Insider.  Since Mr. Blodget gave the presentation, I can only assume that he approved the content, charts and graphs, though I doubt he actually created them.

I’m incredibly disappointed and surprised that Mr. Blodget would put his name to this presentation.  Not only is he the CEO, but he’s the EDITOR too.  There are so many charts that communicate poorly that I stopped counting.  You’ll find area charts (lots of them), stacked bar charts, pie charts, etc.  He should be embarrassed.  He should know better as an editor.

Maybe if enough of us leave Mr. Blodget feedback on his blog post, then he and his company will finally begin producing good work.  Shouldn’t we expect more from such a reputable company?

Or maybe he should meet with the folks at The New York Times, who continually pump out high quality content.

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