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February 5, 2013

Tableau Tip: Embedding dashboards from multiple, disparate workbooks into a single workbook


Here’s the situation:

  1. You have several people creating their own dashboards in separate workbooks
  2. Your boss doesn’t want to open all of the dashboards separately
  3. You need all of these diverse dashboards in a single dashboard

The solution is way easier than you think.  It’s simply a matter of using web page objects. 

For this example, I’m going to use these three views:

  1. Geographically based Economic Data:
  2. Afghanistan War Logs:
  3. Top 100 Grossing Movies of All Time:

Here’s how it’s done:

Step 1 – You have to connect to some kind of data.  I typed up two rows in Excel and copy/pasted them into Tableau.  Create an extract.  You need to do that to publish.

Data as simple as this will work:


Step 2 – Create a new dashboard

Step 3 – Add a web page object to the dashboard.  When the Edit URL dialog appears, copy/paste your URL into the box.


You should now see your dashboard inside the dashboard.


Notice also that if you have tabs enabled on the dashboard, you can see all of those tabs in the web page object.

Step 4 – Repeats steps 2 & 3 for each of the views in the other workbooks.

That’s it!  Check out how there are tabs for each dashboard you embedded and then there are tabs inside each of those if you’ve enabled them.  Cool!


  1. Thanks Andy. This post helped me resolve an issue about hyperlinks. Clicking on hyperlinks always overwrite the same single tab in Tableau & theres no way to control this via URL actions. Embedding the dashboard and setting target=_blank gives a workaround.

  2. This has a slight "gotcha", however. The process above will only work if you are using Tableau Public visualizations. The web container does not pass authentication to the box inside. if you are using local authentication, you can likely sign-in to see it (I have not tried), but if you use a single sign on option without a username and password, you will be pretty stuck. Someone should add a feature-request for this to the Customer Ideas forum so users can vote on it!

  3. Nice and very helpful information!
    Is there a way we can show a particular area from different dashboard and it will redirect to the dashboard when user click on it?

  4. Hi Andy ,
    I am trying to embed a dashboard I created into another dashboard . For the time being to test it out , I have uploaded the dashboards to the Tableau Public server . I have tried using the webpage tile option using Set URL but its not showing the correct size . I just want to see the visualization of the dashboard in a smaller format . Its a donut chart I created , which I want to show . Is there any way I can do it ?

    1. You can't control the size of the display inside the web page object.