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May 16, 2014

Tableau Tip: How the familiar Windows Right-click+Drag, CTRL+Drag and Shift+Drag work on Tableau for Mac


Most people that have been using Tableau for years have become very familiar with right-click+dragging pills to bring up context menu (particularly for dates), plus lots of other keyboard shortcuts. The Mac OS works differently, so if you're considering switching to Tableau for Mac, here are some handy tips to keep in mind (via this response by Vijay Doshi on the Tableau Forums):

The Option+Left Click is necessary because Mac and windows handle the right-click event slightly differently.

On windows there are effectively two events:

    1. On right-click press down, no menu is shown and you can then drag the pill around.
    2. On right-click release, Tableau shows the "right-click menu".

On Mac, the convention is on right-click press down you see the context menu (try it in finder). Tableau cannot show both the context menu and drag. Thus, Tableau has to use a keyboard modifier.

Command+Drag will duplicate a field (i.e., copying the same field from/to a shelf from/to LOD). On Windows this is Control+Drag (Tableau could not keep it the same because on Mac Control+Left-click = context menu by convention).

Option+Drag will show you the aggregation options for the field.

One bug that I've reported is that when you Command+Drag to duplicate a field, you won't see the little + that you do on Windows that is a visual clue that you're duplicating the field.


  1. Tableau for Mac? Or are you using Tableau on a Mac in a virtual machine?

    1. Tableau for Mac. I'm a beta tester.

    2. will this mac version be available on Tableau Public?

    3. Daniel, I would assume so.

  2. So close I can feel it .. can't wait to chuck this VM out the VW (virtual window)

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