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September 18, 2014

The Sleeping Habits of Tableau Zen Masters

The feedback was so positive from my viz of the sleeping habits of geniuses that I had to give it another go. This time, I take a deeper look at the 2014 class of Tableau Zen Masters. Surely this group meets John Medina's requirement of 8 hours of sleep, right? Absolutely not! In fact, only 40% of them get more than 7 hours of sleep.

I blame Tableau. Clearly the Zens spend too much time playing with Tableau and helping people solve the hardest Tableau problems. Judge for yourself with the viz below.
  • Hover over a Zen and a summary of their stats will appear on the right.
  • Hover over a Zen for links to their Twitter profile and website.
  • Rank the Zens using the parameter on the right: By amount of sleep, when they go to sleep, when they wake up in the morning or look at a simple alphabetical list.
  • Use the minimum sleep parameter to determine how much you think a Zen needs to sleep and watch the viz update.

Download the data here and the workbook here.


  1. What's hidden here is that I lie around in bed for an hour, half awake listening to NPR, before I get up. And on weekends I sleep like its an Olympic sport.

  2. Very cool to see this--my sleep patterns definitely differ day-to-day and week-to-week; like Peter, my waking up process is drawn out on some days, and my "going to sleep" process often does not go as planned; typically because I allow some form of technology keep me awake.

  3. That John Medina talk was a real eye-opener. Bad pun intended.

  4. This is super cool and fun to see! I, too, have variations day-to-day and week-to-week; I sometimes have 30 minutes or so of arguing with my alarm clock (and cat) about what time it is before I get up and go... I also have a tendency to let technology keep me awake past my intended "bed time", which I suspect applies to others in the group as well. Nice work!

  5. psssst - if the label at end of each line is supposed to be showing the amount of time asleep shouldn't it be 7.5 or 6.75 rather than 7.30 or 6.45....? [Donna Coles (who despite being logged in seems to be 'unknown' *sigh*)

    1. Donna, the metric label on the end of the bars changes based on what the user sorts by. Time is expressed as hh:mm.

  6. Sorry Andy the : should have been the clue... Perhaps I need more sleep :-) haha

  7. Hi Andy,

    Here's an interesting one. Perhaps you can poll the zen masters & put together a similar vis :)

    The Daily Routines Of 26 Of History's Most Creative Minds