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January 5, 2015

Makeover Monday: Top 20 Industries Hiring Big Data Experience

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Friend of mine, friend of the blog and genuine good guy Jeffrey Shaffer sent me a link to this Tweet for today's Makeover Monday:

What a mess! Some quick thoughts:
  1. It's a pie chart
  2. Way too many slices
  3. Doesn't start at 12 o'clock
  4. Too much precision on the numbers
  5. Too many colors (see #2 above)
  6. The category names are too long
I quickly threw this into and change it to a bar chart of the top 5.

The changes I've made:
  1. Changed the chart type to a bar chart
  2. Displayed the top 5 and then everything else is grouped together and ranked last
  3. One decimal place on the numbers is plenty; no decimals would work fine too
  4. Colored "All Other" differently so that it would be more noticeable that it's not a single item
  5. Shortened the category names
If allowed it, I would also remove the column divider line and remove the axis.

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