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December 25, 2015

Dear Data Two | Week 35: Getting Dressed

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It's Christmas Day and I'm working on Dear Data Two. If this isn't proof that a project like this can take over your life, then I don't know what is.

The topic of "Getting Dressed" for week 35 felt way too similar to week 19 (Wardrobe), but I knew I couldn't take the easy way out and do the same viz again. I had two inspirations for this postcard, Jeff's bullseye card from week 19 and Stefanie's week 35 postcard which showed every article of clothing she wore. I ended up somewhere in the middle.

The data collection was straight forward. I logged every article of clothing in eight categories every time I changed. From what I wore on my feet to what I wore on my head. I then explored the data in Tableau, which you can see below.

In Tableau, I wanted to try to mimic Stefanie's card by "stacking" my clothes and I wanted to create a bullseye viz like Jeff did. I really liked how the bullseye turned out, so I showed both options to my wife. She thought the stacked clothes were easier to understand because it's like I'm building a person from toes to head.

The postcard reveals a few things:

  1. Clearly I like the colour blue.
  2. I wore trainers every day, but that's been the norm since I worked at Facebook.
  3. I never wear anything except boxers to bed. TMI, I know, but this is a project about learning about myself and my habits after all.

Not the most exciting week from a learning perspective, yet it was interesting learning my patterns.

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