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December 4, 2015

Dear Data Two | Week 30: Time Alone

Going back a few weeks to catch up on some postcards I’m behind on. For week 30, we had to visualise our time alone. At the start of this week, we were on a family holiday in Copenhagen (which you can read about here).

This was the first time I ever remember consciously thinking about my state of “being alone” and what being alone means. I always thought that I was alone more than I apparently am. In this week, I was alone 44% of the time, and what really surprised me is that I was alone the most on a Saturday, which is when I normally spend a lot of time with the kids. Perhaps this isn’t a representative week of my life due to our family holiday. If you don’t count sleeping as time alone, then I spent very, very little time alone in this week. I really do enjoy being around people though.

As for the data collection, I created a spreadsheet for each hour of each day and recorded whether I was alone or not. I defined “alone” as being either:

  1. By myself 
  2. Around others but not interacting with them
  3. In an “alone” state of mind

From there, I recorded what I was doing during each hour. I then looked at Stefanie’s postcard because I wanted to emulate what she did in Tableau before creating my own postcard.