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November 5, 2009

Avitec Airline Dashboard

Dashboard Insight named the Avitec Airline Dashboard as its Dashboard of the Month for November. I can only assume that this dashboard is being recognized as a shining example, but I hope it was chosen simply by blind draw.

There are so many issues with the visual design of this dashboard. Just a couple of my observations (I could go on and on):
  • The color choices, while pretty, are completely inappropriate and unnecessary. The two charts on the right are particularly horrific.
  • The width to height ratio on the SAFA Ratio, Inspection Severities and Items charts are a poor choice. It looks like they are designed to ensure the screen is filled up, but they distort the story in the data.
  • Why is the gigantic Avitec logo right in the middle of the Dashboard? I know it's self-serving, but it sure distracts you from interpreting the charts.
What else do you see?


  1. Fairly typical of the current Big BI offerings. Dundas is capable of producing much better visualizations than this.

  2. It wasn't meant to be a criticism of Dundas, but one of Dashboard Insights for claiming it is a glowing example of goodness.