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October 31, 2012

Has you wife accused you of putting on a few pounds? Find the exercises that are right for you.


Earlier this week, my wife was having a conversation on Facebook about our move to California when she suddenly said “he has gained weight from the cafeteria.”

She’s was being funny.  If you ever meet her, you’ll know what an angel she is quite quickly, especially for putting up with me.

Unfortunately she’s not exactly wrong.  I pretended to be offended of course.

Many of us are familiar with the “freshman 15” from college.  At Facebook, there’s the “Facebook 15”.  Same idea.  I can use the unbelievably tasty, free food and unlimited snacks as an excuse (moderation is a challenge), but I really haven’t gained much weight, maybe five pounds.

I exercise, not often enough however.  I decided that I needed some help, so I build this viz to help me find the right activities for me.