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October 24, 2012

A panther on the prowl. Finding Nelson Demille.

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On Tuesday, October 16th, one of my favorite novelists, Nelson Demille, published The Panther.  I’ve read many of Demille’s books, including two of my favorites, Up Country and Wild Fire.  I read Up Country after I was in Vietnam back in 2004 and Wild Fire just a few weeks ago.  Wild Fire was particularly interesting given the current political climate in the United States and the state of hostility by some towards the Middle East.

Demille is currently on a book tour and he’s sticking to the NE part of the US, unfortunately.  I created this viz on the train home last night so that you could go see him in person, buy his book (by clicking on the book cover), and send me a signed copy.

Thanks in advance!

Question: The bubbles are a simple calculated field that compares the date of the event to the current date (if today() > [Date] THEN 'Yes' else 'No' end), however when published, Tableau does not evaluate the expression and the bubble colors are not updating automatically.  Has anyone seen this?

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  1. Here is my quick test:

    Seems like it uses the date time of the Tableau Server the view is published on, and then you need to refresh the view to get it to update.

    Tableau is not a tool for truly real-time data. Tableau takes snapshots.