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May 8, 2013

Done is better then perfect

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I was going through files on my laptop this morning and stumbled upon this picture I had captured back in December.  I can’t recall where I found it, it may have been here, so apologies to the creator in advance for not giving proper credit.

Law of Diminishing Tweaks

Many of the projects I work on are prototypes, which makes this “law” especially true for me.  And this is one of our mantras at Facebook, basically get stuff done. 

Keep this in mind for your next project.  I can guarantee you that any project you’ve ever worked on is not perfect and any project you will ever work on will not be perfect, so don’t waste your time trying to be perfect.  Good enough is perfectly acceptable and helps you move onto to other projects where you can continue to make an impact.  Focus on impact, not perfection.

And yes, I did intentionally use improper grammar in my title.

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