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May 8, 2013

Was Theo Walcott’s performance for Arsenal driven by motivation for a new contract?


With two matches to go in the EPL season, Arsenal is in a battle for a Champions League spot with Chelsea and Tottenham and Theo Walcott is leading scorer.  He started out the season in great form, then suddenly tapered off immediately after he signed a new deal with the club.

In Arsenal’s last two matches, Theo has scored two great goals very early on in the game, at the 2’ mark against the champions Manchester United and 20 seconds into the most recent game against relegated QPR.  Theo is back in form.

I was interested to see how Theo has impacted Arsenal’s overall performance.  Use the viz below to see how Arsenal performs when Theo does or does not play (Arsenal have a higher winning % when he doesn’t play, though in a small sample size) and when he does or does not score (their winning % increases by 20% when he plays and scores vs. when he plays and doesn’t score).

In other words, Arsenal need Theo to play and score.

Download the data here and the Tableau workbook here.


  1. Great viz! I can't imagine how invaluable a player's & team's performance data can be for football managers! Thanks for putting this together.

    1. My pleasure! I'm glad you find it useful.