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July 17, 2015

Dear Data Two | Week 9: Jeff & Andy

Still playing catch up on Dear Data Two. The topic for week 9 was Jeff & Andy. about a topic with unlimited possibilities! Immediately I thought about looking at the connections that we have in common across the major social networks.

I manually created a spreadsheet of our total connections each and our connections in common. I then created random points on a graph in order to display them as a hub & spoke diagram. I referred back to my own blog post for help in shaping the data correctly. This was a bit trickier, though, as I wanted to show Jeff on the left, our common connections in the middle, and my connections on the right. You can download the Excel spreadsheet here.

Some explanations about the viz:

  1. You can click on any combination of things in the bar chart to update the network diagrams.
  2. LinkedIn only shows me when we hit 500 connections, so I totally made up the total connections.
  3. I chose blue for me because it's my favorite colour and red for Jeffrey because he lives in Cincinnati and that's the home of the Reds.


  1. Great run of postcards in the last few weeks, Andy + Jeff!

    1. Thanks Andy! I've hit a bit of a stride with things settling down now. Moving totally threw me off.