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July 25, 2015

Dear Data Two | Week 10: To-Do Lists

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The timing of the topic for week 10, To-Do Lists, couldn’t have been more perfect. June 8-14 was the last week in our house in California before our big move across the pond. Needless to say, there was lots to do and lots of lists floating around the house, my wife’s head, and my head.

I decided to take a look at the specific activities I was performing. I ended up grouping them in more general categories to improve the visualisation; I prefer a bit more simplicity in my life as well as my vizzes. I used several methods for data collection this week: Swarm, Moves, Fitbit, Runkeeper, IFTTT, Sunrise Calendar. From there, I looked at a few specific categories:

  1. Overall rate of tracking - I was curious to see how much of my time I was actually able to account for.
  2. Relocation - I knew I was blowing off packing and the like, mostly because I hate it. The data proved this out.
  3. Sleep - Was the way I was feeling overall possibly due to a lack of sleep? I probably should have looked at sleep quality as well, but I didn’t include that data.
  4. Family time - Was I spending enough time with my family? This is always a huge priorty for me.
  5. Running - I was smack in the middle of marathon training. Was I completing my training? Was that impacting anything else?
  6. Work - Tom knew I wouldn’t be working much this week, but would I get ANY work done? 

Given this set of goals, I explored the data in Tableau and created a few key stories. The last two tab in the story are images of the postcard.

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