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July 2, 2015

Tableau On Tour London - My Agenda & Other Happenings

Tableau On Tour comes to London next week. This will be my first conference as a partner, so I’m interested to see how the experience is different. You’ll likely be able to find me hanging around The Information Lab booth, which you won’t be able to miss in all of its orangeness.

First, I know I won’t be able to compete in the Information Lab Speed Challenge.

But you can, and you can win a drone. This year’s challenge include a bit of Alteryx as well. If you’re not an Alteryx user yet, ask us for help. Don’t worry, the Alteryx piece will be simple enough for anyone to follow along, even a brand new user.

I’m very excited to be hosting a breakfast Wednesday morning with founder, boss and friend Tom Brown. We’re going to be talking about the Data School and how the experts we’re building will be instrumental in the world of data analytics. If you think you’re company would like to take on one of these consultants for a 6-month engagement after their training is complete or if you’d like to have the School do a 1-week project for free with your company’s data, email me and I’ll get you into the breakfast. Trust me, this isn’t a group of talent you want to miss out on.

The consultants at the School will be very visible throughout the conference. If you see one of them, stop them and ask how things are going. Ask them to show you what they’re working on. Find out how much they’ve learned in only two weeks of training.

Lastly, I thought I’d share my agenda. I’m hoping I get to go to this many sessions, but I’m fairly sure things will change. I’d always rather talk shop in the hallways than go to sessions. These types of conversations are what the Tableau community and Tableau conferences are all about; these are how you get value from them.

See you at The Brewery Monday!