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June 30, 2015

Alteryx + Tableau: Visualising a Simpler RunKeeper Training Plan

Last night I had the honor of presenting at the London Quantified Self Meetup about a project I've been working on to improve the training plan interface for RunKeeper. The session wasn't recorded, so I've recorded it again this morning, which also allows me to go into more detail.

The basic reasons behind this project were twofold:

  1. I was learning Alteryx and wanted a use case to apply what I was learning.
  2. I'm training for my first marathon and wanted a better way to see all of my runs in one place.

Everything is embedded within the Tableau workbook:


  1. Cool! And what a coincidence... I had just started working on a similar project for visualizing my runs exported from Strava. I also used Alteryx to put them together, and currently I got this; have a look if you feel like:

    1. Thanks! What I particularly like about yours is the calendar view - going to see how I might be able to incorporate that...

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    1. Thanks a lot Andy for your post. I have been thinking of doing this for a long time. I worked with R and Tableau. Here's the start:

      Though I am not able to figure out how to differentiate between activity day and non-activity day in the calendar