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June 25, 2015

Tableau Tip: How to Create DNA Charts

The Data School launched this week and on the consultants' second day, we brought them into an all day training class with the rest of the Information Lab team. One of the courses we taught was advanced visualisations. The reason we run these internal training classes is because we have a core belief in continuous learning.

As part of this exercise, we were building a dot plot and Laszlo Zsom asked how to connect two dots on the same row.  I hadn't ever done it before, so I used a Gantt chart to connect them. Then Chris Love suggested using lines.

In this week's tip (two days late as it is), I demonstrate both of these methods.  Click on the image below to enjoy the video.


  1. I apologize for my ignorance, but what is a DNA chart? and what is it ?
    Thanks un advance

  2. i cant create dna chart because median sales if suppose when i create median sales using calculated field but it will get agg function was performed that so please tell me how to solve this

  3. Hi,
    Can we create DNA chart for two Date dimension(Start date and end date)?

    Eg: Order date and shipping date for each sub category using super store data