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June 2, 2015

Tableau Tip Tuesday: Sizing Worksheets & Dashboards to Fit Perfectly in Story Points

For this week's Tableau Tip Tuesday, I demonstrate something that I learned earlier this week that has been a long time frustration for me...getting worksheets and dashboards to fit perfectly in Story Points.


  1. @Andy Kriebel, i have created a dashboard on a desktop machine ( which is meant for the desktop machine) and uploaded it to the tableau server. When i open the dashboard link on my laptop the dashboard looks different and unfit the screen from what it looks when i access the same dashboard from a desktop computer. The things is this dashboard is meant for users who will view it on a desktop however to get a sign off from the operations the project manager has to see it first on a laptop and then she will also show it to operations team from her laptop by connecting to a projector to get it approved.

    I have also faced the issue when i was presenting this to my manager as well, i connected the laptop with the projector and the whole dashboard was unfit.

    Please help !

    1. Sounds to me like you have a fixed size dashboard, which is what I would recommend. Typically 1200x715 will fit nearly all laptops.

  2. Hi Andy i tried the dimension you shared with me. Its the closest to what i need.

    By the way earlier i used range which is this

    Width Min 600 Width Max 1600

    Height Min 350 Width Max 850.

    Thanks a ton Andy....

  3. Hi Andy,

    The same question here but little bit tweak, I want to show dashboard using different devices
    And my dashboard should fit to all devices. What is the approaches. Help me on this . Thank you in advance.