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April 18, 2016

Dear Data Two | Week 51: Privacy

We are 51 weeks into Dear Data Two and there’s surely so much Jeff has already learned about me. Yet we all have secrets. We all have things we’d like to keep to ourselves. We all do things we’d be embarrassed about.

For week 51, I tracked everything that I would have been embarrassed about. Was it something I did, said or thought? How embarrassed would I be if someone knew? Is there anyone I would share it with? These are the moments I’d very few people to know about. And it was a fun week. I’ve never really thought about all of the things that I keep to myself because I’m essentially afraid to share them.

One thing I wanted to be sure of was to NOT note the specific things I was embarrassed about. I mean, I’m all for open data, but there are some things that need to stay locked away in this little brain of mine. What are some things I found out about myself this week?

  1. I tend to not be embarrassed by little things. Go big or go home I guess! I know this because I tracked how embarrassed I would be if someone found out and rated these on a scale of 1 to 5. My average embarrassment level is a high 3.7.
  2. It’s not my thoughts that embarrass me most, it’s my behaviour. Go figure!
  3. I’m very close to my brother. In fact, he’s clearly the most likely person I would tell if I wouldn’t keep it to myself.

For the postcard, I wanted to incorporate all of the dimensions that I tracked. There are no measures in this data set (I consider level of embarrassment a discrete measre), so that posed another fun challenge…visualising data with no measures. Overall, another interesting week and only one week to go!