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April 20, 2016

Tableau Tip & Remake: Women are Underrepresented in State Legislatures

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Sonja Kuijpers has been partipating in Makeover Monday and creating some stunning visualisations with Illustrator. You can view all of Sonja’s Makeover Monday work here. This week, for the women in State Legislatures data set, Sonja created this beautiful viz:

I love how clearly displaying the data this way makes the problem of underrepresentation stand out. On the left of each section is the % of population by gender and on the right is the representation by gender in each State Legislature. Absolutely lovely work!

I wanted to rebuild this in Tableau and I got pretty close. Some things I wasn’t able to replicate:

  1. Shading the area between the lines
  2. Setting color ranges for male and female (I used static colors for each gender)
  3. Calling out the smallest and largest disproportions with boxes (Yes, I can annotate an area, but it’s a royal pain to get it just right in Tableau and not worth the effort. This needs to be easier.)
  4. I didn’t include a legend for how to read the chart.

I was able to create both desktop and mobile versions though, so if you’re looking at this on your computer you will see a grid that is 10x5, whereas if you’re on your phone, you’ll see a 3x17 layout.

Another super fun exercise and a view I would have never thought of creating or even trying to create if it hadn’t been for the community that’s developing around the Makeover Monday project. You can interactive with the viz below and below that is a video for how I created this visualization.

1 comment :

  1. Excellent Work Andy.... Many Thanks

    In which application original viz is made.