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July 1, 2016

FFS Friday: Which SEC Teams Lost the Most Offensive Production?

There are just too many visualisations screaming out for makeovers. Following on the huge success of Makeover Monday, I’ve been occasionally sprinkling in other days, like #WTFWednesday and #FixItFriday. But Fix It Friday didn’t really do it for me, so today I’m changing it to #FFSFriday. Not sure what FFS is? Google it.

Today I’m going to look at this viz from Saturday Down South.

What works well?

  • Clear title
  • Including the % returning for context
  • Using team colors
  • Sorting works well
  • Using the team logos instead of the names

What doesn’t work well?

  • Because the bars themselves aren’t sorted, I find it a bit hard to follow
  • Including all of the numbers clutters the viz
  • The title, while clear, doesn’t tell the story as well as it could.

For my version, I changed the story to be about the teams that lost the most offensive production. The tooltips help to provide the addtional content, moving the numbers out of the visualisation and reducing distraction.

If you’d like to give this chart a makeover, you can find the data here (XLS) and here (TDE). Then post an image on twitter with the hashtag #FFSFriday. Most importantly, have fun!