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July 11, 2016

Makeover Monday: The Orlando Mass Shooting & the Reaction of Representatives

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As a second take on the Makeover Monday topic this week of what legislators spoke about after the Orlando mass shooting, I thought a better view might be the proportion of representatives who spoke about each topic. Presenting the data this way help provide better context for the overall picture while allowing you to compare both across the parties and within a party.

I think a donut chart works well here because we only have two parts to each donut and the number call out the amount that’s of interest. In addition, this enabled me to design a static visualisation that doesn’t require interactivity. For me, it’s much hard to design static, mobile-friendly visualisations than any other type at the moment.

1 comment :

  1. Nice! I like the % of total approach much better. Also putting dems on the left and reps on the right makes sense.