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December 31, 2016

2016 | VizWiz Year in Review

This has been a pretty epic year for me both for this blog and for “work”. This year, I made an effort to blog more, record videos of tips to help grow the Tableau Community and share as much as I possibly could. Some notable stats and facts I’ve been tracking:

  1. Three cohorts and 24 consultants passed through the Data School
  2. Wrote 175 blog posts on this site, 25 more than my previous best year (2015)
  3. Started the Tableau Tip Tuesday video series and published 45 videos to my YouTube channel
  4. Published 22 blog posts for the Data School, up from 9 in 2015
  5. Wrote 18 blog posts for Data Viz Done Right, down from 54 in 2015
  6. Presenting 86 Tips in 50 Minutes alongside Jeffrey Shaffer at the Tableau Conference
  7. Completed 52 weeks of the #MakeoverMonday project with Andy Cotgreave
  8. Honourable Mention - Best Data Viz Project (Makeover Monday) | Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards

I started this blog in August 2009 as a way for me to record what I learned. As I observe more and more readers, I'm inspired me to write more, to share more, to help more. Thank you for reading!

Here are the most popular VizWiz posts in 2016:

  1. 12 Books Every Great Data Analyst Should Read
  2. Tableau Tip Tuesday: How to Create Diverging Bar Charts
  3. Tableau Tip Tuesday: How to Display KPIs Next to Bars
  4. Fix It Friday: Ten Alternatives Methods for Presenting Alcohol Consumption in OECD Countries
  5. Tableau Tip Tuesday: How to Create Small Multiple Line Charts
  6. Tableau Tip Tuesday: 12 Use Cases for Parameters
  7. Tableau Tip Tuesday: Layout Tips for Long Form Dashboards
  8. Makeover Monday: Travel Agents Are a Relic of the Past and Hotels Could Be Next
  9. Tableau Tip Tuesday: How to Create Monthly Radar Charts
  10. Tableau Tip: How To Create a 100 Mark Unit Chart inside of a Tooltip

So what’s in store for 2017? Well, much of the same and a bit more.

  • Makeover Monday will continue and I’ll be teaming up with Eva Murray in 2017.
  • Given that you clearly like tips, I will continue Tableau Tip Tuesday, hopefully every week, but I know I won’t have time to do a video every week. I promise to create as many as I can.
  • To help those that participated in Makeover Monday in 2016 take their development to the next level, I’ll be teaming up with Emma Whyte for Workout Wednesday. Basically, we’ll trade Data School Gym challenges with each other every Wednesday through the year. You can take the challenge yourself and try to rebuild our challenges each week.
  • I want to post on Data Viz Done Right more often. Ideally, I’ll post every Thursday at a minimum.

Happy New Year to everyone in the Tableau and data visualisation communities! You’ve made 2016 an amazing year and I look forward to seeing what 2017 brings.