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October 21, 2010

Proved Natural Gas Reserves: My Take

I read a post today by Russian Sphinx in which she used Tableau Public to visualize proved natural gas reserves. For this post, I thought I would create my own take on her visualization.
Improvements made include:
  • Making the views interactive -- You can filter each of the views or use the radio button to select a region. You can also use the highlighting feature of Tableau.
  • Changing the diamonds used to represent the countries to circles and colored them by region -- To me, the circles are "softer" to the eye.
  • Replaced the pie chart by region with a bar chart by region by country -- I also corrected the hierarchy in the data set.
  • Changed the color pallet for the regions to Tableau's standard color pallet
  • Added a note to the bottom to define "proved reserves"
I like how she included a link to the data source. I used that as well...thanks for the idea!


  1. Nice work Andy...but I also like Russian Sphinx blog.

  2. Yes, Dan, I like her blog too. She gave me inspiration for this post.

  3. Andy,

    Your map is really good, but I prefer to keep my map very simply.

    I have contacted many websites and offered them placing my maps with link to my blog. In this way I could get new visitors and other websites would have interesting maps, charts.

    I was able to establish cooperation with few websites but most of them prefer static images. First of all interactive maps to work properly demand good internet conection. Second, maps are placed on Tableau servers, many owners of websites don't like when part of their website has to contact with external server.

    This map is first poject that I have done for company from oil and gas sector. As there are some changes on their website, I have to wait some time to see the chart.

    That why my map is a bit silly, interactive but not very interactive, waiting for being "freeze" and become static image.

    Btw, do you have any experiences in dealing with websites to place your visualizations? Maybe I was not lucky and I have met owners of websites who did not understand that interactive chart can be good fun for their visitors?

    I am a bit different than you :) popularity of my blog is important to me as I am unemployed and on my blog I contact with potential employers so I have no choice and I have to deal with other websites and cooperate with them.

  4. Sorry, but I do not have any experience with embedding my visualizations in other websites. It's great if you can generate that type of business.

    The only problem I see with embedding Tableau Public is the speed with which it take to generate the visualization and the time it takes to update based on filters, etc. Maybe this will improve with 6.0, assuming of course that there will be an upgrade to Tableau Public coninciding with the 6.0 release.