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March 15, 2011

Cobb County schools with a high reduction in student absences are down more than 3 to 1 to high increases


There was a biased comment made by Mr. Sweeney (email him here to call him out on it) during the discussion phase last week of the Cobb County School Board meeting.  He started spouting off schools that have had significant INCREASES in student absence.  While the schools he mentioned did indeed have a high increase in absences, he failed to mention some key facts. 

Only 15 of 199 (12.6%) schools had a > 10% increase in absences, meanwhile 48 of 119 (40.3%) schools had a > 10% DECREASE in absences.  It's disappointing that none of the other board members called him on this (though I know three of them never would).


  1. Nice Job depicting why the "balanced calendar" arguments fail.

    It doesn't help "all" students/schools as it was portrayed to do.

    In fact, the numbers show that, if anything, Cobb's lower performing schools are detrimentally impacted by the "balanced calendar".