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December 6, 2011

When income grows, who gains? Find out for yourself.

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Anyone who follow this blog know how much I despise pie charts, but there are times when I tip my cap to someone that does them well.  As much as it pains me to say it, pie charts are not ALWAYS evil. 

The viz below is a great example of how to use a pie chart well (from the State of Working America blog):

  1. There are a maximum of four slices to this pie chart
  2. You can very quickly see how dominant one slice is versus the others
  3. The colors contrast well enough to not have to constantly refer to the legend

Click on the image to interact (you will be taken to the source site).

I guess what caught me most off-guard about this chart is the summary text when you choose 2002-2008.  All income growth went to the top 10%.  I had no idea!  A great chart can indeed tell a great story, or better yet, let the reader discover the story for themselves.


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