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October 17, 2014

Facebook Jeopardy: Create a Single Sheet Waterfall Chart in Tableau

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Alex, I'll take No Assembly Required for $200 please. The answer is:
I want to build a waterfall chart, but it's taking 9 minutes for my 37 sheet dashboard to render. 
Waterfall charts are a great way to show system or process flow, but the typical method to do this in Tableau requires you to create lots of sheets and then strategically place them on a dashboard. Jonathan Wehrer on our team created a way to shape his data using the scaffolding technique that Joe Mako talks about often to come up with a method for viewing an entire waterfall chart in a single worksheet.

Here's the demo of the hack from #DATA14 (the hack starts at 17:14 if it doesn't start there automatically):

The final viz looks like this:

Download the Tableau workbook here.

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