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October 31, 2014

Facebook Jeopardy: Accordion Views

Alex, I'll take No Assembly Required for $300 please. The answer is:
I wish I could expand a section in-line 
We all get frustrated with the inability to scroll synchronously across multiple worksheets on a dashboard in Tableau. At #DATA14, I showed how I address this problem by creating accordion views.
Here's the demo of the hack from #DATA14 (the hack starts at 20:22 if it doesn't start there automatically):

Give it a whirl in the viz below. Click on the Regional Sales tab to see how it doesn't work, then click on the Category Sales tab to see the accordion views in action.

Download the Tableau workbook here.


  1. I'm not convinced the "All Date Slider" trick works. I'm sure when you data refreshes the next day, the end date will be fixed to end date available a refresh.

  2. Ok will try it out in the next hour. If does work, doesn't this supersede your earlier posting "Tableau Tip: Showing all dates on a date filter after a Server refresh"?

  3. Accordion view creation steps:

    (Thanks to Wilson Po for the guidance)