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March 13, 2016

Dear Data Two | Week 45: Apologies

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Apologies - something I’ve always struggled with. I know I should apologize more and be more sincere when I do. So when week 45 rolled around, I saw it as a time when I could make a change. Week by week, Dear Data Two has made me more conscious of my behaviour and surroundings. Going into this week, I really wanted to make a change in my behaviour, but I feel that I failed.

Through the week, I only recognized 18 times when I had the chance to apologize. That doesn’t feel like many to me, but maybe it is. Of those 18, I only apologized in person nine times. I resorted to sending a digital apology five times (so impersonal and insincere) and three times I didn’t apologize at all, keeping the apology in my head, fully aware that I had a moment in front on me that I could take advantage of.

I immediately knew that I wanted to create a bump chart both in Tableau and for the postcard, but I struggled with this more than I thought I would. I ended up creating the data needed to rank the dimensions in Excel instead of spending too much time on the table calculations. I added a parameter so I could pick the dimension I wanted to color the lines by. Click on the image to interact with the Tableau version.

On the postcard, I colored the lines by the person I “apologized” to.

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