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March 10, 2016

The Data School Gym: How do Female and Male Literacy Rates Compare Across the World?

In the spirit of International Women’s Day, I came up with this challenge for the Data School Gym. What’s the Data School Gym? It’s a series of challenges we post on our internal social network as a way to test each other’s skills.

Today’s test was inspired by this blog post from John Mathis in which you have to create a 45 degree reference line to aid in the analysis of comparing two groups. If you’d like to take the challenge, you can download the data here and here are the requirements:
  1. Show female vs. male literacy rates on a scatterplot
  2. Include a dot for each country
  3. Create a 45 degree line so that you can clearly see which group has the higher literacy rate
  4. Color-code the dots to indicate whether females or males have a higher literacy rate

You can download my workbook below to see how I created it, but give it a go on your own before you look at my solution (or John’s).


  1. Hi Andy,

    How can I start the reference line from 0, I am unable to do that.

    Thank You,

    1. Download the workbook and you'll see how I did it. :-)

  2. Cool challenge :)

    Since I´m still on Tableau 9,1 i couldn´t download and explore who you did Andy, especially with the 45 degree line, but some try and error i made trendline from a CF Male = Female, dualaxis and so one.

    Is the the same way you did?