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March 23, 2016

Makeover Monday: From WTF to Wow!

Tonight Eric Hannell invited me to speak at the data+visual meetup he runs here in London about Makeover Monday. I’ve been doing makeovers since my very first blog post in August 2009, yet this was the first time I’ve actually spoken about the project, why I do it, the goals, why Andy Cotgreave and I joined forces, and the impact it’s having on the data visualisation community.

This meetup group isn’t a Tableau meetup; it’s about data visualisation, making it great way to meet many new people. For nearly everyone, this was their first exposure to Makeover Monday and, even for many, their first data viz meetup. My favorite part was, of course, the Q&A. There were questions about how decide what to makeover, how we make design choices, my favorite vizzes, etc. I think there may even be some new participants this week, despite it being a bank holiday on Monday.

So. Much. Fun.

You can flip through the slides below and get a good feel for what I talked about. Enjoy!