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August 1, 2016

Makeover Monday: How Different Media Outlets Get Around Saying "Groin"


Definitely my quickest Makeover Monday ever. Forgive me, I’m busy at the bar at the beach.

This week we looked at a rather funny dataset from FiveThirtyEight about how the media tries to avoid saying “groin” when someone in a sporting event gets hits where it hurts. They presented their work in this table:

There’s nothing particularly terrible about this other than a table of numbers makes comparisons more difficult than necessary. The summary on the right helps it make a bit more sense.

For my viz, I wanted to create a chart that I’ve never built - a treemap bar chart. Basically this is a way to view the distribution of the words by each media outlet but also summarize them in bar chart form so that you can see which media outlet ranks the highest.


  1. Hi Andy,

    Your viz is still better than a simple table :)

    I published some other views I imagined for the same Dataset, My apologies, I don't have a twitter.

    Enjoy your holidays.

  2. Hi Andy all, here is my makeover, let me know what you think!