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August 24, 2016

Clinton vs. Trump: The Battle for the Presidency


It’s election time, so time for an election viz. You will notice this is very similar to the RealClearPolitics version the difference being that I am calculating the 2-week average of all polls in their data set.

This little project also provided me a chance to try out the new Google Sheets connector in Tableau 10 and allow the extract to refresh on Tableau Public. In addition, I learned how to scrape a table from the web in a Google Sheet via this blog post, which should (if I did it right) update automatically.

This was also another chance for me to test out the Device Designer that came with Tableau 10. Enjoy!


  1. The only critique I have is that there is no indication of what value exactly is being measured and displayed, either on the y-axis or the tooltips. Also, any idea what accounts for the break in data from Jan 26-Feb 3?

    1. The measurement is in the subtitle of the viz. The break is there because there are no polls during that time period.