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October 3, 2016

Makeover Monday: The World is Becoming Less Peaceful

Last week, the Global Peach Index, this week we fix the typo and look at the Global Peace Index from Vision of Humanity.

What works well?
  • Nice interactivity and tooltips
  • Good filtering capabilities that show additional information
  • Good slider implementation to scroll through the years
  • Dark red and dark green countries are very distinct, drawing my eye to the worst and best

What doesn’t work well?
  • It’s impossible to get a sense of any trends over the years
  • Using a filled map makes it very difficult to see smaller countries
  • It’s hard to get a feel for the overall peacefulness of the world, i.e., what’s the global average?
  • Color palette is hard for color-blind people and doesn’t supply enough range in colors

For my version, I used the text of the summary below their visualisation to help craft my story. Throughout this year, I’ve primarily been creating long vizzes, but I really like the many examples Andy C has created that are wide, so I thought I’d give that a go this week.

You can click on the image for the “live" version, though there’s not really any interactivity. The mobile version will be long though, as I find that makes for a better user experience.