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May 6, 2018

Makeover Monday: Toughest Sport by Skill

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I've had this data set in the queue for probably two years now and it's finally time that I got to post it. I know Eva loves sports data sets (cue eye roll), so this week we're looking at the toughest sport by skill according to a group of sports science experts surveyed by ESPN.

What works well?

  • The sports are ordered by the rank by default, making it easy to see how the compare to other sports.
  • You can sort by any of the column headers.
  • All of the definitions are provided and thoroughly explained.
  • If you need to look up a value, a table works perfectly.

What could be improved?

  • It needs to be easier to see the relative difference between sports.
  • Comparing more than one metric at a time across two sports takes too much brain power (for me at least).
  • Filtering would help make the list more digestible.

My Goals

  • Allow the user to compare two sports, rather than all sports at once.
  • Make the difference between the sports across all of the skills easier to understand.
  • Show which skill is harder/easier when comparing two sports.

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