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May 14, 2018

Makeover Monday: Which European commuters spend the most time in traffic jams?

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It's crazy busy times at the Kriebel household, so this week I had to get something done quickly. Eva chose a data set about time people spend in traffic congestion in European cities.

What works well?

  • Bars are ranked in descending order
  • Simple, clear title
  • Axis title tells us what the bars represent
  • Nice tooltips
  • Footnotes that qualify the data

What could be improved?

  • The alternating bar colors add no meaning.
  • The title has a weird shape to it. 

My Goals

  • Change the metric to percent of time spend in congestion during peak hours, which required me to go to the source to get the additional data.
  • I took inspiration from Eva's viz, but wanted to show the congestion as a percentage rather than a raw number. I feel this gives move context to the numbers and lets the audience know their likelihood of being stuck in traffic in these cities.
  • Create the viz as a single worksheet.

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