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November 3, 2018

Workout Wednesday: Drill Down with Set Actions

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This being the first Workout Wednesday since TC18, Ann Jackson decided to spoil us by letting us test out set actions. Set actions allow the user to dynamically update a set based on actions in a dashboard. They're wickedly powerful and a game changer for Tableau.

Here are the basic requirements (full list here):

  1. Create a line chart of monthly sales that drills into the months you select
  2. Create a treemap of sales by category that has the ability to drill to sub-category and product name upon clicking
  3. When selecting months in the line chart, the treemap should also filter.
  4. Create dynamic labels (and tooltip) for the treemap that display based on the level of detail shown (category/sub-category/product name)

I added in a Viz in Tooltip in the treemap to practice those as well. In my tooltip, I have colored the bars that are unprofitable by the color of the category.

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