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November 19, 2018

Makeover Monday: Where do you have to work the most hours per month to afford a home?

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This week's chart to makeover is nothing short of hideous; I mean like really, really bad!

What works well?

  • Including the data sources
  • Labeling each mark, otherwise we'd have no idea what each thing means

What could be improved?

  • The title is wrong; it should say hours per month.
  • 3-D bars are never a good idea putting them on a map is even worse.
  • The color legend doesn't help interpret the chart at all.
  • It's overly difficult to find a city; the labels aren't even near most of the cities.
  • The whole thing is terrible. Start over!

What I did

  • I took the map and turned it into a ranked bar chart.
  • I put the bars in descending order by the number of hours per month needed to work to pay afford a home.
  • I split the bars into four columns so that they would all fit in one view. I learned this from Workout Wednesday Week 47 2017.
  • I added a highlighter on the bottom right (intentionally out of the way) so that you can find a city in the rankings.
  • I ignored all of the other metrics.

With that, here's my Makeover Monday for week 47 2018.

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