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November 12, 2018

Makeover Monday: The Lack of Diversity in Tech Companies

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This is the 150th week of #MakeoverMonday as a Community project. Congrats to those that have completed every week so far. I'm sure you have quite an incredible portfolio. For week 46, Eva chose this visualization from Information is Beautiful:

What works well?

  • Vertical groupings work well for comparisons
  • Using more pronounced colors for the companies and greying out the comparators
  • Nice filtering options
  • Title and subtitle are simple and tell us what the viz is about
  • Good labeling
  • Including a white divider line at 50%
  • Including sort options

What could be improved?

  • Including the gender breakdown as well as the ethnicity breakdown in the same chart makes it feel too cluttered.
  • As the years are set as filters, it's overly difficult to see if companies are becoming more or less diverse over time.
  • Are the logos necessary?

What I did

  • Focused on the gender diversity
  • Chose a simple dot plot to make the viz less cluttered
  • Included a more impactful title
  • Kept their background color, but used a different color for highlighting

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