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December 13, 2022

#MakeoverMonday Week 50 - Which Countries Get the Most Vacation Days?

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This week's data set focused on the vacation time and paid public holidays (or lack thereof) of countries around the World.

I remember when I started working at Coca-Cola. I got 10 days of vacation time for my first 2 years. Then I got 1 additional day for each year thereafter. It was terrible, but unfortunately the norm in the US.

I started by trying to create a tile map of the World, but it was going to take too much manual renaming of the countries than it was worth. So I got the idea that I wanted to show rankings, which led me back to Workout Wednesday Week 31. The view was pretty simple to create; follow along in WatchMeViz below.

My final viz is below the video, or you can view it here.

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